The following was originally posted on my Not A Travel Writer sub-tumblr. As tumblr dies following its ridiculous self-destruction, I have decided to correlate all my previous posts, from several places, here. It makes sense and, crucially, means I own my content. In theory, it also means it cannot be removed by anyone else.

Short note on WIP/s:

I work in 30 minute bursts.

I try to complete at least one such burst on whatever draft I’m working on, every day.

I do not always succeed.

I stole/learnt the 30 minute routine from The Now Habit by Neil Fiore, and it works, for me.

I set a target of 500 words per day. I usually exceed this during one 30 minute session, often topping 1000 words.

The 20k manuscript word target is not accurate. I expect this particular novella to be closer to 30k, but I aim to make each one in this particular series at least 20k.

I also have a novel WIP, of course. And others.

Scrivener is simply indispensable. I have not found any other software that comes close, and cannot wait for v3, out next year for Windows, earlier for Mac users (damn you).

This particular novella is all about a woman and a baby and, essentially, is one long chase sequence, times two (partly told in flashback, to an earlier point in her life, fleeing with a different baby, in a different place). She is a minstrel of sorts.

All four of the novellas in this series are SFF. All four will be self-published.

There may be five. Or more.

Each serves as an introduction to a character, or more than one character and, especially, an introduction to the world they inhabit. They are fun to write.

It’s hot here today, but with a rare breeze. I am watching a lizard in a tree. Hi.

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