WIP TKTowerBonus 28.03.19 1070 Words

Boom! This is the highest number of words I’ve attained in this recent period of wordcountability (also, see here). Rather pleased with this and the direction the tale is heading. Although I’m not entirely sure what happens at the next scene…

I have also been making progress with notes, designs, trials and tests for the maps and covers. I am still quietly confident they will look excellent.

Colours and playing with them is always fun. Trying to decide on palettes and what will work best for one tale over another is likewise both challenge and thrill.

Then there are slightly more esoteric ideas, photographs of different mixes and weights of water. Ideas that might not happen, others that are simply still sparks. The crucial thing, however, is to record these. Use a notebook, combine with photographs, but always keep a record. Without such a thing I lose too much, brain skipping merrily on the the next thing, forgetting the process. And it is the process that forms the whole, after all.

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