WIP TKTowerBonus 24/25.03.19 899+942 Words

You’d be forgiven for thinking I had a day off yesterday. It was Sunday and I had just finished a story, after all. However, I merely forgot to post the photo of the word count; in a day full of kir, wine, good company and delicious food it was somehow forgotten.

As you can see, I started the new (and final, for now) tale and managed to do rather well. After thinking about it when I woke up early today, I have slightly changed the direction it was heading, moving to a different POV (or, more accurately, several POVs). This tale will essentially serve as a direct prologue to the longer novels to follow. As such, there is a lot to fit in, to balance. I do not want to give certain things away, but I do want to ensure there are hints and secrets and clues a-plenty. Exciting times.

I have also been working on my cover design. I know the vast majority of self-published works outsource this and I can fully appreciate why, but I am quietly confident my artistic abilities are up to the challenge. You shall just have to wait and see, before judging my books by their respective covers. There is also the question of maps. Always maps. Watch this space.

Finally, in news-you-maybe-don’t-need and, as I tweeted earlier, yesterday was the first asparagus of the season, which therefore equals the first asparagus pee of the season too. Always a strangely jubilant, odorous moment. That’s all for now, back to work…

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