WIP TKPepperBonus 17.10.18 704 Words

The following was originally posted on my Not A Travel Writer sub-tumblr. As tumblr dies following its ridiculous self-destruction, I have decided to correlate all my previous posts, from several places, here. It makes sense and, crucially, means I own my content. In theory, it also means it cannot be removed by anyone else.

WIP TKPepperBonus 17.10.18 704 Words

Today was a struggle, but I still managed more than my 500 word minimum so that’s something. My brain is cloudy and full of wool, stuffed with other thoughts and none.

It feels hotter and more humid here day by day, which actually doesn’t make sense — the humidity should be dropping now, and the nights getting cooler. Still, there’s another month before we can count it as winter.

I have been wondering where to curate all my posts, whether those here (which are, really, mostly just for me — as I have mentioned before, they are a cross between a form of accountability and also a mini-diary, posts too small for a blog post, but too large for twitter, too plain for Instagram — and I am pondering Steemit, which I have joined (find me there as NotATravelWriter, of course). It may be the place where I post all my content, combine it all into one stream. Makes sense to me, but we shall see — I have yet to have enough time to study the lay of the land.

In other news, I shall copy and paste a series of tweets from the 14th of October, which I meant to write about here, but ran out of time (story of my life):

It was bound to happen, living so close to the jungle… Last night we had an indoor snake visitor. After many videos, photos and details (http://thailandsnakes.com  is excellent), I have narrowed our little friend down to one of two species. I think.

The first potential, and the one I’d rather have inside the house, is a juvenile Malayan banded wolf snake (Lycodon subcinctus). See here: https://t.co/qeEcET6VIt

The second potential is a juvenile Many-banded krait (Bungarus multicinctus). This is a wee bit more deadly, a juvenile being the one that tragically killed Dr. Joe Slowinski. https://t.co/x77YyNwAxt

I have little herpetological experience and, if those with experience still get things wrong between these two, I have no way to be sure. However, I AM sure it was beautiful and an experience we shall not forget in a hurry.

(It also means we now go to the toilet with a torch, just in case — would rather not tread on any guest.)

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