WIP TKPepperBonus 13.11.18 1088 Words

The following was originally posted on my Not A Travel Writer sub-tumblr. As tumblr dies following its ridiculous self-destruction, I have decided to correlate all my previous posts, from several places, here. It makes sense and, crucially, means I own my content. In theory, it also means it cannot be removed by anyone else.

WIP TKPepperBonus 13.11.18 1088 Words

Boom, that’s not too bad for 30 minutes! I suppose this could be due to this scene being the penultimate and also featuring a character I’ve been working with for seven years now. She’s pure in a way that is hard to replicate with “good” characters. Sometimes, writing evil is simply more fun. She has her plans, she has her ideas and she gets what she wants. People die. Creating certain characters is a true pleasure, but she still sends shivers down my spine — the way she appeared unbidden and already cruel. Sometimes we writers worry (just a little) about these moments — what does it mean, psychologically, to have these characters walk into our lives?

Just this scene to finish, then the wrap-up. I can’t wait for people to read this tale.

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