WIP TKPepperBonus 12.11.18 883 Words

The following was originally posted on my Not A Travel Writer sub-tumblr. As tumblr dies following its ridiculous self-destruction, I have decided to correlate all my previous posts, from several places, here. It makes sense and, crucially, means I own my content. In theory, it also means it cannot be removed by anyone else.

WIP TKPepperBonus 12.11.2018 883 Words

Been a few days without any update. I was busy with other things, including thinking this story through, considering the direction and how best to end it.

I now believe there to only be two more scenes to write after this one — it has already climbed to nearly 17k words — not so much a bonus short story, as a bonus novella. I imagine it will be 18k-19k once finished. And I’ll be giving this one away for free…

Pepper is one of my favourite characters to write, hands down. I can’t wait for certain scenes, conversations, and meetings between her and some of the other principal characters in The Lesser Evil. It’ll be fun.

Her first appearance, in Death and Taxes, has just come back from my editor, so it’ll need a final polish and revamp, then it’s time to release her on to the world. Can’t wait, but also secretly (!) a little scared.

Best dash now, want to get my site finished in the next couple of days if I can, lots still to do, but mostly loose ends.

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