WIP TKBabyBonus 20.03.19 1023 Words

The vernal equinox. A magical, witchery day, when worlds are closer and the barriers between them thinner. Also, here in the northern hemisphere, on the continent of Europe, a time when the days are getting longer and warmer. A good day.

This morning I have crafted a decent number of words and I am happy about this. Thirty minutes and another 1023 new words; this is a good thing. I have also spent a while editing, also a good thing.

It was -4°c here this morning and the sky is azure, or perhaps cerulean. This corner of the world is expecting well over a week of unbroken sunshine which, being a continental montane environment, means cold nights, warm days. 21°c soon. Not exactly SE Asia temperatures, but I feel it as warm nevertheless.

How my body reacts to switches between temperatures is interesting. If I am inside more, then it is harder to switch. If I make it outside, then I adjust a lot quicker. I want to keep making it outside, the woods here are beautiful, full of life and, indeed, food.

I am starting to keep a list of the things I wish to do this year (technically, I planned to start the list on my birthday in May, but there’s no harm in noting things or beginning them early). This is a varied list, including things such as: “Manufacture new frame for my bow saw”; “Learn more knots”; “Handstand work”; “Make at least 50% of my income from my fiction” and several others. Varied.

Of course, there are also several items on this list that will appear here, ideas for essays, blogs, photo essays and more. The use of this “Dear Diary” section, really just for wordcountability, is a useful way to ease into this site. Much more will follow.

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