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Sometimes, life interrupts itself and there is little you can do about it. Plans change, goals are set aside for a wee while, words are left churning in my head and not on paper or screen. This is what has happened to my new word targets (in brief, the idea is to write new words of fiction, for at least thirty minutes, on at least five out of seven days).

It has been a while since I have done anything other than paid, freelance work. Little forward (outward) progress has been made on my stories, although I have several thousand words of notes I did not have before Christmas.

Similarly, with editing (again, in short, the goal is to edit some of my own fiction for at least thirty minutes, on five out of seven days), all dried up. Today I edited 6337 words of Death & Taxes. This is nearing the final, final edit. Not long now.

I have also done other things, I had a list and I crossed each box as I completed the task. This month, following a shift of continents from Asia to Europe, I have forward-loaded nearly all my freelance work to the first two weeks, leaving me with the last two weeks of the month to concentrate on my own work. I like this idea and intend to continue with it if possible. It is certainly easier for me to work in blocks like this, rather than jumping between tasks each day. A combination of those thirty minute slots and deep work is important for my brain.

Today was a good day, this is an acceptable wordcount for thirty minutes, I think. (And, as you may have gathered, expect more here.)

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