WIP TKBabyBonus 16.11.18 889 Words

The following was originally posted on my Not A Travel Writer sub-tumblr. As tumblr dies following its ridiculous self-destruction, I have decided to correlate all my previous posts, from several places, here. It makes sense and, crucially, means I own my content. In theory, it also means it cannot be removed by anyone else.

WIP TKBabyBonus 16.11.18 889 Words

A new day, a new story. Before I sat down to write this I had no idea where it would be set, or even who would be the lead character (I had three choices) but, like so many other times, the very act of putting down words on a document coaxed it all out.

Now I know the setting, the characters, the plot. I know that it will be a tale with terror, with a strong supernatural element, as well as music and story, a city that is grey and dark and wet. A volcano rising above all. This is a tale of the north, a port city, where worlds meet and all is available to purchase.

I like it already.

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