Trees, A Pictorial Personal History

I recently published a piece here, entitled: Trees, A Brief Personal History.

Woodpecker on Tree In the Snow
Welcome Flash of Scarlet

While I was working on choosing photos to complement the words I narrowed down a (very) long list of tree photos I have taken over the years and, instead of just using those which seemed to fit best, I decided to keep the short list of thirty-two together in a gallery on Flickr. You can go see (and download for personal use, should you desire) the original images here, but I thought I would share lower resolution copies below for today’s post.

I hope you like these — I chose them to give a flavour of the different tree photos I have taken. There are more, many more, and I am sure some others will appear in the future — trees are such an intrinsic part of who I am, as the piece mentioned above details.


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