How to Commit to Long Term Travel

To choose to leave your home and head off for long term travel on adventures never-ending takes commitment and it takes effort. Suggesting otherwise, that it is somehow easy, is simply not true. Frequently, you will feel like you are ...
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Inspiring Travel Starts in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Inspiring travel — travel which means more than simply ticking a place off a list, travel which asks questions, of you and of the world, and brings answers you might not have expected — is definitely a skill which you ...
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Why Do I Travel? Compelling answers after 5 years.

An introduction to my thoughts on travel This is the first in a dedicated and ongoing series of posts in which I will talk of travel — of what makes it special, of how to do it right (for you), ...
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Banana leaf with sunset behind.

Habits, Travels, Me, Future

Post Number 91 Over many years of trial and error (actually more a case of trial, error, another error, a bit more trial, error etcetera) I have learnt that I work best in short sprints, with a brief break between, ...
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The East Coast of Caithness

Today is St. Andrew’s Day, so it makes sense to post something about Scotland and, in particular, the county I currently inhabit: Caithness. The North Coast 500 (NC500) long distance coastal route has brought an increased number of tourists to ...
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A Note Full of Metaphor. Metaphorful?

(Which is a good word, whether it exists or not.) I write, I tell stories. Sometimes these are short, scant and brief, mere sketches of ideas designed to stimulate and provoke the thought process. At other times I write longer ...
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Passing Through Doorways

In the introduction to this series on my forthcoming plans, I suppose I gave you a brief idea of my personal history involving my sense of the world as a whole — nature, culture, animal, mineral, vegetable — and for ...
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See the World!

When I was young I wanted to see the world. I wanted to explore the unexplored, find hidden cities and lost tribes (never once thinking that these tribes were unlikely to have counted themselves lost), uncover ancient treasures and discover ...
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North Sutherland, Scotland

All these photos were taken on Sunday the 1th of October. They are all taken from the car, along the route recently determined the "North Coast 500". I will be sharing more on this in the future, but for now ...
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