It’s been a while. In recent months I have mostly been using tumblr as a dump for wordcounts and little more. I used to do this in a private instance, where I would also record details of a day, such as what music I had listened to, what movies I had viewed, then I switched to using a public tumblr under the same name as my (forthcoming at this stage) website:

There’s not a lot of interest there, at this point, but I intend to use it (as long as tumblr still exists, of course) to record such information, as well as snippets of interesting thought, observation etc. Essentially, the plan is to use this space to post items too long for twitter, too short for a full blog post.

And that is it, for now. I miss many of you, I miss our interaction, as I miss my interactions on twitter too but, if it is any consolation (if you even remember me), this disconnect has led to many tens of thousands of new and edited words in my work. As I get older I am painfully aware of mortality and time and, as much as I would like to continue with my ages-old habit of replying to emails with vast essays, there is not enough time, nor energy, left to do this. (See: for similar points.)

But that does not mean I do not care. Of course I do. Hello.

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