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If you wish to read Death & Taxes, or Une Seule Mort — both of which you have to part with (a small amount of) money in exchange for — here is a short snippet of news that may be of interest.

This week, 1st of March to 7th of March, is the Smashwords Read an Ebook Week. As my titles are all available on Smashwords, as well as pretty much everywhere else, I have decided to participate in this because, well, why not? (I was going to insert one of the Smashwords official banners, but really I think this picture is better.)

As such, both Death & Taxes and Une Seule Mort are available with 50% off the normal price (making that small amount of money they normally cost even smaller). Head here to purchase.

The other tale of mine out in the world, Only One Death, is already enrolled in this sale — as it is already FREE!

In case you missed it, if you download Only One Death, you get an entire other tale — Dust & Death — also FREE, just by following the link contained within the book. Likewise with Death & Taxes, a purchase of which will enable you to download A Clean Death for FREE.

That’s a lot of FREE and quite a bit of money off too.

And do please pass this news on to anyone you feel may want to read a fantasy tale or four, just forward this email.

Marketing ends.

In other news, in brief, we have a new home in Portugal! I shall no doubt talk more about this, and the process of finding a home, but we ended up looking around just one property, last Wednesday morning, decided in the afternoon that it would be silly not to take it, as we both loved it and it ticked most of the boxes on our dream list.

Sometimes, despite wanting to be sensible and look at other places, it really is wise just to listen to the universe when it throws you a bone.

Everything happened fast, including a first taste of Portuguese bureaucracy, getting an NIF (tax number) from the Inland Revenue Service (another story to no doubt follow on this).

It was good to sleep in a proper bed last night, for the first time in a month. We shall have to get a firmer top mattress though, as this is a bit too squishy.

To end, for now, here’s one of the views. (The area is the Alentejo Litoral, for those interested, full of so much nature — I am far too excited by having stork nests in view!)

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