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It is strange here at the moment, the city is different, subdued and quiet. Last night the streets were almost empty, no street food stalls at all, few students out. Everyone who can seems to have left, either to head to Bangkok to pay their respects, or perhaps to spend time with family elsewhere. 

I have been wearing black all week and have been pleased to see most of the other Farang doing likewise. Another three days of black or white, then the nation will unfurl in a riot of colour. 

Living in a place through historic times is always confusing – the mind plays tricks later, was it really like this, or that? Or are we influenced by media portrayal of events? 

It is nearly lunchtime, everywhere will be closed soon, even the 7/11s, even Rimping and the malls. I cannot help but wonder what it will be like in the UK when the Queen dies? Will there be this show of respect? Somehow I doubt it – people will take advantage of an extra day off work, drink and try to forget about their own lives for a time. Others will agitate, still others feel lost, as one era ends and another begins.

We live in Interesting Times, no matter where on this world of ours. It is really all we can do to live our own stories and remember what we can. 

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