Winter Seas, Winter Beaches

It is now spring. Or at least it’s supposed to be. As I type this heavy and thick snow is falling outside and settling. It’s April.

This seems like a good time to share some photos of this tenacious but soon-to-disappear season.

One of my favourite things about winter is walking along the coast. This is a favoured pastime at any point of the year, but once the storms arrive and the first grey seal pups are born, through to when the equinox has been and gone and the grass is once more growing — that is perhaps my favourite time to visit the shore.

Winter Beach, Winter Seas

Reiss Beach in Winter


There is something beautifully powerful about the muted low light up here in winter, the way colours seem ethereal and seen through a haze of cool salt-laden mist. This, coupled with the vast and awesome power of the storms, makes a walk along beside the winter sea something I always enjoy.