Forthcoming Stories, On Direction

Where my work is going and what new releases you shall see, with additional rambling about mental health and the world burning.

I recently threatened to post a blog here and, worryingly, it looks like that threat came true, if slightly later than planned.

Here we are, flaming June having left in a seemingly continuous rolling ominosity of thunder, the world burning around us and all seemingly hastening to ashes. I am currently in France, not too far, as my corvid cousins fly, from where a new all-time highest temperature of 45.9°c was recorded. As you may have read, this record was more than 1.5°c higher than the previous record, set in the hot summer of 2003 — not just a record for June, but for the whole year, for as long as records have been kept. As extraordinary as this should be, I fear it is actually the new normal. William Gibson’s Jackpot continues.

Yet my post is not about this. Or is it? (If you are here to simply find out what’s happening with my stories and find this background unnecessary/uninteresting, downright irritating, click ahead to here.) The images in this post are all of my current locale, the western edge of the Alps.

Not a bad view to experience. These mountains are like the sea, ever-changing.

Clothes Make the Man?

I recently had an odd experience whilst sorting through most of the clothing I’ve kept in storage these last few years.

It was peculiar, melancholic,* unsettling and, occasionally, just downright weird.

Each t-shirt, each pair of jeans, even underwear — each carried memory and baggage. Which is odd and not really something I have dwelt on up until this point.
I would pull out a shirt and remember how I wore it for a friend’s wedding. Or remember discarding a different one on a lover’s floor. I haven’t seen her in years, yet I remember that.

Clothing to me is first and foremost a practicality. Yeah, sure, I like things to look like I’ve at least given my clothes a passing thought — rather than thrown on a bunch of colours and styles — but I’ll always choose hard-wearing travel and wilderness-ready gear over fashion (although the muted colours I favour: greens, browns, greys and other earth-tones, handily go marvellously with one another, as do the textures: rip-stop polycotton, ventile, canvas, wool). †

List of my clothes, slightly tongue in cheek

Rollover Mouse For Description of Clothing…

So it was strange, to find that these pieces had become invested with memory, some so intrinsically tied with one particular event — a break-up here, a night out there — that I could almost savour the emotion one last time. When I had packed them away I had not thought about them as items of repository, simply as, well… as clothes.

What did I do?


Spring, eclipse, equinox and stories.

This website was stitched together slowly, pieces added hither and thither over many months.

I have tried to keep it ticking over, aware that it never properly launched, never yet used as intended.

I have learnt about WordPress over this time, themes, plugins, widgets, analytics, I have also taught myself SEO, meta-data, canonicalisation, and all those cunning little tricks available to the webmaster (this word always amuses me, hence having to shoehorn it in here — ever since I first heard it, I’ve had this image of, well, Spider-man).

It was very large and proud of its nest.

I don’t have a picture of Spider-man handy, so this’ll have to do.

(Sometimes I tell myself one day I may have an assistant to do these things, or outsource, yet who am I really kidding? Even if I could afford it, I am far too much of a control freak.)