It’s been a while. In recent months I have mostly been using tumblr as a dump for wordcounts and little more. I used to do this in a private instance, where I would also record details of a day, such as what music I had listened to, what movies I Read more…

Edinburgh, Spring, Paths, and Empathy

I am in Edinburgh for a day more before I retreat back into the north once again. One of the beautiful things about currently living at the top tip of Scotland is that spring is later there – the trees were only just unfurling as I left, just over a week ago, the first crop of fluffy, yellow-gaped sparrowlings only just emerging from beneath the eaves and behind gutters.

Millennium Clock Selfie

Millennium Clock Selfie

Having a late spring is no bad thing when one can always travel south to advance the seasons. Down here in the capital things are further along, summer is a guest rapidly approaching, the sun carrying warmth, battling with the chill wind. Soon she will win and time will move along, in the direction it is most known for. (more…)