Ghost Dates

Does anyone else collect ghost dates? I don’t mean literal potentially-romantic meetings with the corporeally dispossessed, or anything to do with ghosting (actually, I have a draft of a potential post on just this subject, perhaps I should polish and publish?). No, I mean birthdays, anniversaries, days that you used Read more…

Clothes Make the Man?

I recently had an odd experience whilst sorting through most of the clothing I’ve kept in storage these last few years.

It was peculiar, melancholic,* unsettling and, occasionally, just downright weird.

Each t-shirt, each pair of jeans, even underwear — each carried memory and baggage. Which is odd and not really something I have dwelt on up until this point.
I would pull out a shirt and remember how I wore it for a friend’s wedding. Or remember discarding a different one on a lover’s floor. I haven’t seen her in years, yet I remember that.

Clothing to me is first and foremost a practicality. Yeah, sure, I like things to look like I’ve at least given my clothes a passing thought — rather than thrown on a bunch of colours and styles — but I’ll always choose hard-wearing travel and wilderness-ready gear over fashion (although the muted colours I favour: greens, browns, greys and other earth-tones, handily go marvellously with one another, as do the textures: rip-stop polycotton, ventile, canvas, wool). †

List of my clothes, slightly tongue in cheek

Rollover Mouse For Description of Clothing…

So it was strange, to find that these pieces had become invested with memory, some so intrinsically tied with one particular event — a break-up here, a night out there — that I could almost savour the emotion one last time. When I had packed them away I had not thought about them as items of repository, simply as, well… as clothes.

What did I do?