Sunset, Being Under the Sun, and Stories

I had intended to have a much longer piece to share with you today. However, the weather has been glorious and I have, therefore, been out under the sun’s rays. Over the last couple of years I have not spent as much time in fresh air as I should have. Last year in particular I would find myself huddled over my keyboard, jealously glancing at the sunshine and blue skies out the window. I told myself it was for the best — I needed to finish this work, get on with it. YET — I know I work better (and faster) when I have been under the sun, when I have felt the wind on my face, the taste of the sea on my lips. So why deny myself this?

This year I have decided that, if it is a good day, I will leave my desk as much as I can.

It does mean I will have to queue up some more blog pieces than I had planned, scribbling and musing when it rains, but this is no bad thing. It’s all about using the time I have. And who knows how much of that there is?

Expect the longer, wordsome, pieces soon. For now though, here’s a photo of a sunset. This is an idea I had a wee while ago — hiding brief tales and stories amongst my flickr photos. This is the first (small thought within the description on the actual flickr page. As per usual, you can download this or view it at a higher resolution over there).


Sunset with islets and distant land.
West Coast, Scotland. Too cold for midges.
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