Social Media Note 1

I will expand on this note in the future, but for now this should suffice.

Some years ago I made a decision to step back from social media. The reasons behind this will be one of the things I’ll talk about later. Yet even this statement is problematic, although I did take a step back I have also been present — in anonymity.

I have kept a couple of blogs without using my real name and they have served me well. I have even had a facebook account, originally with only one friend (one of my sisters) and currently, since she deleted her original account, without a single acquaintance — much to facebook’s continued horror. I have used this account to like pages and groups, something I find useful and, obviously, a lot harder without an account.

Now though, I am returning to being me. I will open up my facebook and all those other places I frequent. The anonymous blogs will either be quietly retired, or continued without linking them to the real me. It is strange, going from a blog where I have a loyal following to one where there are considerably fewer readers — yet I cannot let any of the anon. blog people follow me across — many of the things I have talked about there are anonymous for a reason.

I really wanted to put a picture in this post, so this will do...
I really wanted to put a picture in this post, so this will do…

In short, you should now see a “Me Elsewhere” widget to the right (screen-grab showing above), please feel free to follow me in these places if you so desire. If not, I won’t mind. Some of these places have little to no content — yet — but this will change as I expand my presence or, more pertinently, expand my actual, real, personal, “true me” presence.

Short note over.

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