Proof of Life

I have fallen into bad ways. Oddly bad ways.

Lately I’ve been blogging away merrily, knocking out drafts and edits aplenty but, for some weird reason, I have not actually managed to post them here.

Instead they languish in “Unpublished Blog Pieces” in the Scrivener project I use to craft these and other internet related items (backed up to two separate places – I’m a little paranoid about losing words).

Why is this? Why am I not posting here, when I’m taking time to write things (with Work In Progress titles as diverse as “Dogs and Wolves and the Wild”, “Summer Holidays”, “Gunnie Moberg”, “The Magic Paintbrush” and “Proper Writers and Poets”)? I don’t have an issue with bloggers who do not stick to a regular schedule, myself included – but this is different. It makes little sense.

2015 is my year of introducing habits; small things, day by day, repeated until they are second nature. I am doing well with many of these and still have others to introduce (slow and steady). One habit whose progress I am pleased with is physical exercise – testing myself, reassessing my condition regularly, increasing my workload every few weeks and logging details of this. I have been doing is taking photos of myself to document progress. Here is an out-take as proof of life – an accidental close up as I took a shot without correctly setting up the self-timer. I found it amusing that my camera decided to focus on my ear (which appears to be a little fluffy).

Proof of Life
Proof of Life

I think I will have to introduce a blogging habit. It is something I have resisted, thinking how irritating conforming to a schedule can be, but the more I think about it, the more I feel I owe it to myself to actually post all these unfinished (or, in many cases, practically finished) pieces. Some are tales I promised people a long time ago (the wolf tale, for example, I promised I’d tell nearly two years ago), others are just thoughts. This doesn’t really matter though – if they are not being shared, they’re not being shared.

Silly Alex.

And, after all, I have a lot to say.

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