On Websites and, err, me.

brushstrokesandshutterclicks said: I
really like your new-look website Alex. It’s clear, and honest and
friendly. Much like yourself. You should invite other people to
contribute towards your “About me” page! 🙂

Thank you! That means a lot, especially come from you. 🙂 I have tried to make the site easily accessible, whilst also appearing fresh and clean. As far as content goes, I’m certainly adding a lot more personal thoughts than I perhaps have in the past.

As far as the “About me” page goes, I have to admit to be curious as to what people would say (and mildly terrified!). I have been wondering how to get others involved in my site, apart from through comments (which so many don’t use – I rarely do myself, simply makes me too sad/irritated to see the plethora of cruel or ill-thought-out messages, thankfully not on my site, yet!). Maybe guest posts? Really not sure – watch this space! Suggestions welcome!

Thanks again, I do miss you, and tumblr – so many people here seem to have vanished and I’ve simply not had the time to try and find them, or new people to follow. The years, they don’t slow down…

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