On weather – west coast and far north

adventuresofalgy said: We had an exceptionally good autumn last year – the finest and driest for many years, but not cold. Followed by a winter of constant storms. Can’t predict for this year though – the spring is very cold again, worse than last year.

Thank you! I have a sneaky feeling it’ll be a wet one again (like 2011 was when I was out there). Having said that, the weather is not really open to any guesses these days. It seems to be altering so very fast. Since I’ve started wearing glasses I find being out in the rain not as fun – I’m hoping to get contacts sorted, but it’s another expense. The spring here hasn’t seemed too bad up here, some cold spells and snow showers, but nothing lasting. April was mostly clear, but I wonder how much I remember the good days rather than the bad!

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