An Amateur Naturalist, in a Big World

Nature, to me, is everything. The study of bushcraft fits within this, as does travel, as does self-reflection and being. We are a part of something much larger than our individual selves, yet our individuality is precisely what makes this relationship so interesting.

This page shall talk about the obvious, perhaps trees, or snakes. It shall also be where I look at how being out in nature, being aware of my own tiny existence within this whole, has made me who I am.

So-called “new nature writing” is a wonderful thing. It has its detractors, those who think we should keep nature in one pocket and taking a long-hard-look at ourselves in another but, I feel, they miss the point. The transformative power of nature is utterly magical. It can be talked about in scientific terms, yes, of course it can, but nature writing is not the place for that.

Expect there to be many photos.

Expect projects and ideas-in-motion, books-in-training. I have several such tales I want to tell, and this is where they will be tested.