A Place for Thoughts and Opinions

I warn you now, my opinion may not always agree with yours. This is not always a bad thing in life, we can all-too-easily surround ourselves with a carefully-curated social media crowd, where we are rarely challenged.

One thing you can be sure of, however, is that my opinion, if stated here, has been carefully considered, weighed, chewed and mulled over, before being shared with the world.

I have little tolerance for bigotry, unkindness, cruelty, or for anyone who holds a blind fear or hatred of another group. These things will not, and cannot, go unchallenged. Too often there are those who ‘encourage healthy debate’, who see freedom of speech as a free pass to bullying, to ideologies we had hoped were crushed. Not here (nor, it has to be said, in my fiction).

Expect all manner of subjects, all manner of ideas, thoughts and opinions.