North Sutherland, Scotland

All these photos were taken on Sunday the 1th of October. They are all taken from the car, along the route recently determined the “North Coast 500“. I will be sharing more on this in the future, but for now I thought a few photographs of our neighbouring county, Sutherland, would wet the whistle.

Sutherland is a favourite county of mine and is the only county to share a land border with Caithness, fully enclosing us with a barrier of mountain, loch and moor. Although I do have problems with how much of the land here is owned by so few people (and many of them absentee landlords or conglomerations – Japanese or Danish, for example), it is still beautiful, and will still be beautiful long after those who claim “ownership” have returned to their constituent atoms.


As usual, all these photos are available at higher resolution and able to be downloaded on my flickr account, here.

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