Love Hearts Poetry

At a hugely enjoyable wedding celebration I recently attended there was a well-stocked sweetie bar.  I filled a bag (or two!) and enjoyed the second lot on the train northward.  When I got home I had a few bits and pieces left, including a small tube of Love Hearts.

As I opened the pack, it split and spilt on my desk.  This gave me an idea and I spent a wee while rearranging the sweets into a poem, using every single one and simply adding punctuation.  Here it is:



Make Up.

Only you spoil me, only you hold me,
Kiss me – I’m shy; just me – I’m shy.
Keep cool my hero. I love you, ever yours.




I snapped a photo too, here is the poem in its original format, sans punctuation:



I think everyone should do this when they next have a pack!  It was a different, if peculiar, exercise.


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