As I mentioned yesterday, I forgot to take photos of this Christmas’s gifts – I will try and do so at some point, but in the interim, here’s one I made earlier…

This is a sewing kit, based on an ancient pattern still in use in some cultures of the world, such as the Sami people, who make exceptionally beautiful (and functional) items.  Holes in clothing can kill quickly in some regions of the world – and carrying a sewing kit on your belt, such as this one, can save your life.

Bone can often replace anything we currently use plastics for.  It is a durable and strong material, when used correctly, and can be wonderfully decorated if needed.  This is a deer leg, with a beautifully aged patina I did not want to ruin with my own scrawling.  The beads are also red deer.

The wooden plaque is oak wood – the letters are added with kolrosing (I use cinnamon).  

From my other blog, again!

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