Friday Photo #16 Dawn on the River Wick

Now the season is shifting, and the insects no longer such an issue, I am back up the river for my dawn walks. I tried to take some photos on my phone for here, but they aren’t as sharp as I would like, so I am sharing one from last year.

Along the river, this time of year is sumptuously special . The season changes almost daily, maturing rapidly, frantic feeding, hurried last-minute nutrient collection, arriving migrants, some passing through, others staying, then the dark and cold sleep of winter.

Watch this space; I might even live-tweet my dawn walks (which these days incorporates a wee bit of running too, aged and damaged knee willing) from time to time, such as here and here.

Dawn on the River Wick, peach and apricot colours and still, misty water.
Apricot or peach? The subtlety of dawn is a wonder, as is the way it suddenly shifts to brazen trumpeting colours and rays of surprising warmth, the warmer water creating mists that simply add to the kaleidoscope. Dawn is perhaps my favourite time of day, and sometimes I get twinges of sadness when I think of how many I have missed in my life.
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