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Something different. This is not your normal, monthly newsletter — that will arrive early in December; this is a bonus, and something I have threatened for a while.

The first in my series (Tales of The Lesser Evil) is a permafree novella: Only One Death (which contains a link for a further, bonus tale, Dust & Death. Read more about the stories here). The second book, Death & Taxes, was also published this year. It too contains a link to a bonus story, entitled A Clean Death. Up until now, the only way to get hold of this tale was to part with your cash. Not much of it, to be fair, but cash nevertheless.

This month, I have finally started the process of building up my review team. As I’m sure you know, reviews are important for stories. The more (preferably good) reviews on sites, the more people see the books, algorithms are tweaked and visibility rises and, quite frankly, that’s what I need in order to sell more stories.

Death & Taxes is now available for review copies. Which, of course, means you can then download A Clean Death too, should you wish (and you should — it may be my favourite, thus far). I can’t force you to write a review, of course not, and I’d rather you didn’t leave a review if you didn’t enjoy the story, but if you do want a copy, follow this link: Diversity in SFFH: pro-queer, disability-positive, multicultural, and neurodiverse stories FREE to reviewers.

You should be used to the section of my newsletters where I promote free books — this is similar, only, this time, the books are free in exchange for a review. The authors in this promotion get to choose who they send books to, so those who request dozens of books and never leave a review can be winnowed out. If you are just after collecting freebies, a dragon sitting on a pile of metaphorical golden tomes, you can always grab Only One Death, if you haven’t already. I can only afford to give away so much, after all, I’m really not a fan of working for free. (And I do not really cast any judgement if you are a book collector, goodness knows I have hundreds — thousands — of books I’ve bought, which still languish unread. One day, I tell myself, one day — then other books are published, and the pile teeters ever higher.)

I should also add that one reason I waited until now to join a review promotion is because I wholeheartedly think my work fits neatly into the ethos behind this particular one. Diversity and fairness, kindness and balance, love and honesty — these things are all. If you don’t agree, then I can tell you now, you are not going to enjoy my work, current or future. (That said, it’s not like I treat any of my characters differently in my stories — they are all equally at risk of death, dismemberment, destruction, disavowal, and various other D words).

Clearly, I’m not alone in these thoughts (of diversity, not the death and dismemberment bit), as there are more than thirty other books to choose from, should you wish to read and review. Have a look.

Obviously, I’d rather match the reader and potential reviewer to the work — there’s no point in downloading my book if you only ever read or review happy and sensitive romances, or historical Regency fiction, for example. These fantasy Tales are at times dark, they are sometimes harrowing, often tense and full of potential — and realised — violence. They are not for everyone, and that’s fine — there’s never any point in making someone read something which will make them uncomfortable. For this reason, there is a sample of Death & Taxes available at the link, with no strings attached at all. You can read the first part of the tale and see if you want to continue, whether you like my writing, for example, or not.

I do hope some of you decide to join my review team. If you do, and you leave a review, there will certainly be more opportunities for future freebies too. And, if you know anyone who you think would enjoy my work, please, do share this message.

As mentioned above, I’ll be back in December with your next, as-normal-as-it-ever-is instalment of Not A Travel Writer. There will be news and happenings and, perhaps, a few thoughts on this strangest of years. Until then, grab a copy of Death & Taxes to review, if you are so inclined. It is good, as is A Clean Death — and I will be very grateful.

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