I meant to post this some weeks ago, but time has done her thing and moved us forward.

Last year I started to give a lot of thought to my online representation, where I am, what I do and share in those places. Mostly, of late, I have been on Twitter (@AlexanderMCrow) and also, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, on my blog (

I had intended to start using tumblr again, publicly. I say publicly because I use a private tumblr as a recording device – keeping links of videos and audio files I play then, every so often, I examine this with a critical eye – see what music makes me work smarter, what videos inspire, what wastes time.

My idea is to use tumblr as a partway point between and betwixt these two. Perhaps using it to share the occasional photo too, but principally little snippets of text that are too long for twitter and too short to justify a full blog post. Usually I just type these up in my journal (a Scrivener project) and leave them there, unshared. But I think some of them may be of interest, hence this post.

I will try and respond to comments and messages here, but it is likely I shall have to do this once, or maybe twice a week – I know myself, and I know that I am wont to waste time logging in here, checking for any activity and responding immediately. Then scrolling down, down, down – until half an hour has gone, twenty minutes, an hour…

That time is better spent on writing other things – but that does not mean I don’t care about interaction here – on the contrary, I have missed tumblr and some of you in particular. It’s just that I need to work, removing as many distractions I can.

I am in danger of rambling even further, so shall leave this here and get back to work!

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