Following New People

Today I hope to spend a little time finding new people and blogs to follow.

I love original things, I love thoughts, I love nature, science, bushcraft, adventure, and finding our place within the world. I love it when people are passionate, when they take or share stunning photography. I love it when bloggers take the time to curate and organise blogs on themes, I love it when things are strewn across my screen in a haphazard fashion. I love the written word, right across the spectrum, from twelfth century sagas through to the poem you’ve just scribbled that you think no one will ever want to read. I love people who delight in their fitness and those who love their bodies, whatever shape or colour or gender they may be, or however they identify. I love honesty and I love the lies we weave as story. I love the old and the new and everything in between.

I suppose what I’m saying here is that there is no one “type” to who I follow, no especial logical order – so if I follow you, you’ve managed to pique my interest, and I thank you for it.

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