Foggy Killiecrankie

In November 2014 I spent a week in Killiecrankie. For those of you who don’t know, Killiecrankie is a pass in Highland Perthshire, through which lies the way to the north. It has long been an important strategic position, a major battle being fought there in 1689. A few miles up the road is Blair Atholl, seat of the Duke of Atholl, who commands the last remaining private army in the UK.

I was here in January 2014 too and, both times, the wildlife and scenery were the focus. I will be returning in February and you should expect more posts about the area here soon.

Here are a few photos from a foggy fall walk through the pass and down to Pitlochry, they are linked here to an album on Flickr* where, as usual, the images on view are better quality.

*Speaking of which – I recently changed my permissions on Flickr to “All Rights Reserved”. They used to be on a Creative Commons licence, but then Flickr decided to make themselves a profit from other people’s work – which was often shared for free. Although they’ve since apologised and altered this, I’ve yet to return my photos back to a licence where people can download the original higher quality images and then print them off for their own pleasure. Sure I will when I get chance.

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