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When I was young, if I bought a fantasy book and it had no map, a small part of me was sad (I have since learnt to cope with these disappointments).

I could have published these Tales of The Lesser Evil without maps, but the truth of the matter is I still find them useful, comforting, familiar-yet-exciting-and-new but, perhaps above all else, I enjoy making them.

This is the small painting of Eastsea, visible in the map of The Northern Isthmus, an “in-progress” photo, to show the scale and also the level of work which went into the maps.

The Horned Sea (also known by a plethora of other names, something that can be missing from fantasy literature), covers a vast area and spans many city-states and cultures.

A map depicting the area around the Horned Sea.

A part of this area is the Northern Isthmus. This is a principal setting for several of the introductory tales and will be crucial to the later novels. The city of Eastsea, its eight still-standing towers dominating the skyline, is the most populous city of the Isthmus.

A map of the northern portion of The Isthmus, showing the location of the cities of Eastsea and Gateway, as well as the locations of the tent trade city of Market, the ruins of Westsea, and the location of The Amethyst Mountains.

Higher resolution .jpeg files are available for download below (eventually, I may get around to uploading the .png files):

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