Only One Death

After travelling for years, Dhinal hopes he is close to discovering how to save his people. Along the way, he has collected a ragtag band of misfits, all of whom harbour secrets of their own. The latest member of his group, Strings, is running from something, her dreams haunted by flames and terror. Together, they arrive in the bustling city of Eastsea, seeking a guide to the legendary Amethyst Mountains.

Kees is tired of the city. She longs to seek solitude in wild places, far away from the noise and stench of others.

Both Kees and Dhinal know the wilderness does not care about you, it simply exists. Whether you live, or whether you die, is up to you, to your companions and to sheer chance. Winter is whispering in the high places, dangers-unknown abound in the forests, and fractures begin to appear in the group itself.

The truth, Dhinal knows, is that there are many ways to die, but only one death. Yet this journey will test them all, in ways they could not possibly imagine.

This novella is the first of the published Tales of The Lesser Evil, the series of prequel stories introducing characters, places, and themes which appear in The Lesser Evil. If you download a copy of this ebook, you will find a link to Dust & Death for free, in exchange for signing up to my newsletter.

UPDATE, JUNE 2021: COMING SOON! Only One Death and Dust & Death are also available in print, as a part of The Tales of The Lesser Evil Vol. 1 anthology, along with Death & Taxes and A Clean Death, available here.

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