Death and Taxes

Fea Little: the largest city still standing in the Interior, the City of Mazes, the Crossroads of the North — trade centre of a vast area. Where there is trade there is money, where there is money there are taxes and, where there are taxes, there are tax collectors.

Which is where Merie comes in. Nominally in charge of collecting tax for The Petals, for too many years her work has been undermined by others; any trust she once possessed went up in smoke, the night her husband burnt alive.

Pol is an effective member of her team and his niece, Little Pepper, is terrifying in her ability to kill. But Merie does not trust them; the pair may simply be better at hiding their secrets.

Merie has a plan. A plan she has worked on for years. It all comes down to one night, one final job, and then she will be free. If it goes well. If not, she shall leave her four children without a parent.

Merie knows that no plan is foolproof — especially when the night is full of those who want her murdered.

A part of The Tales of The Lesser Evil, the series of novellas, novelettes, and novels which act as prequels to the forthcoming fantasy epic, The Lesser Evil, Death & Taxes introduces several key characters, locations, and themes.

If you own the ebook of Death & Taxes, you will find a link to A Clean Death, a novella which can be downloaded for free, simply by signing up to my (also free) newsletter.

UPDATE, JUNE 2021: COMING SOON! Death & Taxes and A Clean Death are also available in print, as a part of The Tales of The Lesser Evil Vol. 1 anthology, along with Only One Death and Dust & Death, available here.

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