A Clean Death

Pepper has one more name on her list, just one more death to tick off then she can go home, but this final murder will be anything but easy. She has three days until the city is cut off and she is trapped for winter, three days to find her prey. And finding one man in Youlmouth — where it is law to wear a mask in public — may prove too much, even for her skills.

Hedda has trained for this ever since she can remember, yet the question remains — does she have what it takes to snatch away a life? Does she have what it takes to make Pepper proud?

This death is not a simple task, but events have a habit of overcomplicating the already-complicated, and what Pepper and her apprentice shall discover is beyond anything they could possibly comprehend.

There are things the world does not know, things that live only in stories and whispers of rumour.
Things that want Pepper dead.

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UPDATE, JUNE 2021: COMING SOON! A Clean Death and Death & Taxes are also available in print, as a part of The Tales of The Lesser Evil Vol. 1 anthology, along with Only One Death and Dust & Death, available here.

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