The Lesser Evil

All endings are also beginnings and all beginnings an end.

The greater the good, the lesser the evil, but who gets to decide what is the greatest good? Does a single life have the same meaning and worth as many? What happens if you are amongst those cast aside to protect the majority?

Come on: all fantasy epics need maps, right?

The Lesser Evil introduces a world full of questions, of differences, brimming with colour and life.

For millennia, cultures, city-states and the different Talking Races have been held in balance by a small group known only as the Covenant; governed by tight-clad rules of secrecy and limitation, hidden from the world and unknown to nearly all. They pull strings from the shadows: innovation is halted, war and armies are rare, and the natural world fiercely protected against intrusion and destruction.

But change is coming and, with it, chaos, death and terror.

As the truth slowly becomes apparent, as an end draws near, there are those who will take a stand, who will use their skills to protect the innocent and the weak. Even as they do so, however, they are painfully aware of the impossible choices facing them.

A map depicting the area around the Horned Sea.
…and maps at different scales too…

A forthcoming fantasy epic, The Lesser Evil begins with a series of introductory novellas, novelettes, and novel-length backstories. Each introducing characters, places and themes to be revisited in the story to come.

These are The Tales of The Lesser Evil. Click to learn more about the world of the Lesser Evil. For details of the individual stories, click on the images below.

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