For as long as I remember, I have always crafted stories.

If you want to know more about how I began writing, those who aided and influenced me, the writing processes I have used and continue to refine, or wish to keep up to date with my work in progress, then I’d suggest subscribing to my newsletter and having a look through the archives. There’s a LOT of information there — and the search function on this site should also help.

Broadly, at this point, my fiction is split between two major projects. The Greater Good, and The Lesser Evil. The former has yet to be published (as the time of writing, Summer 2021), but several stories of The Lesser Evil are available now and, as Le Moindre Mal, in a French translation.

The Lesser Evil is fantasy fiction set in a world similar in some aspects to our own, but not in others. The Greater Good is set firmly in our world and our time. Both are woven with tendrils of magic. To read more about these projects, simply follow the links to the relevant pages.

If you want to start somewhere, then Only One Death, the very first of The Tales of The Lesser Evil, is free, and available more-or-less wherever you can find ebooks:

This page will be updated as more novellas and novels are published. Death In Harmony and also a first anthology, Tales of The Lesser Evil: Volume 1, are both due to be published Summer 2021.

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