Dual Purpose

This post is designed to serve a dual purpose.

Firstly, it is a test post for me — I’ve been messing around with widgets and sidebars after a couple of issues developed.  I am hopeful these are now solved and, in theory, this post should help prove this.

Secondly, without any ceremony at all, I think this site is nearly finished.  It has taken some time to get to this stage, where I am pleased with the layout, the pages, the images etc.  Now all (!) I have to do is keep adding content.


There are certainly a few things I will need to iron out, most noticeably making essays or longer posts less wall-of-texty and more user-friendly.  It was playing around with this which caused the problems mentioned above so, from hereon in, I intend to resolve this particular issue by visually breaking up longer posts.  I have decided to leave the posts (such as that posted last week – Liminality) alone for now.  It seems safer.

Site promotion will follow in the coming months, but for now, if anyone is reading this, let me know what you think — good or bad.

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