Dreams and Birds

Dreamt of a pair of European robins (Erithacus rubecula), who made a nest in the kitchen and angrily defended it. I think the nest was within the cheese making equipment. This morning I learnt that they are called rouge-gorge in French, which makes sense.

Then, as I woke, after a good nine hours or more of sleep, I heard birds outside calling loudly. Carefully opening the curtain I saw a tiny bird (see yesterday for more discussion) which looked like a wren-of-sorts, sitting on the open window frame and angrily denouncing something. 

This week we all wear black here, as a Farang I could get away without it, but what sort of message does that send to the people I’ve chosen to live amongst for now? 

I also dreamt of an old pair of friends, who never actually knew each other. And spies. 

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