Don’t Be That Person

…be fair, be kind, be honest

One of my pet hates is when travellers tell someone to skip a place, not to bother visiting X, but they should definitely see Y (a place the person was not planning on visiting).

I mean, I get it, you want to share your own stories, what you thought was great. That’s understandable. Maybe you had a bad experience in X, only to have your adventure redeemed in Y? That’s understandable too. This problem is similar to that with so many current travel blogs:

You are forgetting that everyone needs to find their own way, have their own adventures.

Telling someone to skip a place doesn’t help. Constructive comments, sure, they have their place. BUT do please relate it to your experience. Don’t simply say “Yeah, no, don’t go there.” That helps no one. Instead, explain why you feel that way. You don’t even have to go into details, just give the other person a rough outline.

Also, lastly, don’t forget this somewhat blazingly obvious point:

The world changes. Places change. People change. Cities grow or they crumble. Nothing is the same for anyone.

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