It’s an odd thing, queuing posts. Although it means I get to post things here in one block, saving considerable time (which can be used for creating new art to share at a later date), I do feel it is cheating in some way. It’s the same with queuing on my website, or on twitter.

I am trying to rid myself of this feeling – it makes sense to queue, after all – for everyone; myself and others. But there’s still that nagging voice telling me having a week’s worth of my photos (for example) all ready to post automatically is somehow wrong. Which is nonsense, I’m sure.

One of the next habits I am now trying to introduce to my life is that of a full queue – to always be at least a week ahead (eventually perhaps longer) in terms of posts – across my online presence.

I suppose I’ll have to return to whether I still feel a cheat once I’ve been successful in this endeavour.

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