Change is Afoot

Expect to see a few changes around here over the last few months of this year.

I had thought of leaving this until next year, but I want to make the site quicker to load and easier to navigate as I start to add material to some new sections.

In my experience, re-jigging a website always takes longer than you (I) anticipate and, therefore, it will be best to get this done before the end of the year and the commencement of new and different directions for this blog (and for me).

Watch this (web)space. Literally.

Small note over. Here, have a photo of a damp Orlando.

Sprocker spaniel.
Orlando the sprocker spaniel, waiting to feed the birds. He gets treats for helping me in this and has also learnt the phrase “F the B’s”. This is post-dawn-walk, hence the damp dog and my waterproofs.
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