Where the Archduke Got Shot

This was a piece I posted to tumblr some time earlier this year (January 2014 to be precise).  That darling of the right, former Education Secretary Michael “Whatever! I do what I want! Oh dear I’ve been sacked” Gove had decided to level his debatable guns on the ever-so-cunning Blackadder Goes Forth.  (Read more in a piece by David Mitchell [comedian/actor, not the writer] here if you need the context – it doesn’t really matter to the story below though).  It reminded me of a tale from my distant past…




I believe the edges of things are far more interesting than their faces. Give me an edge and I’m interested, a corner? Even more so. It is in these intersections where the magic happens, where boundaries are weakened and one plane blurs into another.

I am talking of doorsteps, beaches, births, rivers, and caves. Of deaths, cliffs, borders, paths, and marriages. Crossroads, bridges, piers, dreams, towers, and tombs.

These are the makings of story.