Forthcoming Stories, On Direction

Where my work is going and what new releases you shall see, with additional rambling about mental health and the world burning.

I recently threatened to post a blog here and, worryingly, it looks like that threat came true, if slightly later than planned.

Here we are, flaming June having left in a seemingly continuous rolling ominosity of thunder, the world burning around us and all seemingly hastening to ashes. I am currently in France, not too far, as my corvid cousins fly, from where a new all-time highest temperature of 45.9°c was recorded. As you may have read, this record was more than 1.5°c higher than the previous record, set in the hot summer of 2003 — not just a record for June, but for the whole year, for as long as records have been kept. As extraordinary as this should be, I fear it is actually the new normal. William Gibson’s Jackpot continues.

Yet my post is not about this. Or is it? (If you are here to simply find out what’s happening with my stories and find this background unnecessary/uninteresting, downright irritating, click ahead to here.) The images in this post are all of my current locale, the western edge of the Alps.

Not a bad view to experience. These mountains are like the sea, ever-changing.