On the Cusp of an USP? Niches and Me.

Find your niche, they say, then make it yours! (They often say this with an exclamation point!)!! (Deliberate over-punctuation there, sorry.) What’s your Unique Selling Point (USP)? (And, yes, I did put ‘an’ before USP in the title — I thought it worked better than ‘a’.)

Less a niche, more a tunnel...

Less a niche, more a tunnel…

This is, actually, very good advice for the blogger — and, in some ways, for the writer in general. It is important to know where to sit, how to connect with “your people”, or “your tribe” (see Alastair Humphreys’s advice for travel bloggers here, for some very good points and discussion).

However, I have a problem with this. I have no idea what my niche is…

I want to blog about all those things that make me, me. I want to talk about things I love and love what I talk about — otherwise, what’s the point? (more…)

Spring, eclipse, equinox and stories.

This website was stitched together slowly, pieces added hither and thither over many months.

I have tried to keep it ticking over, aware that it never properly launched, never yet used as intended.

I have learnt about WordPress over this time, themes, plugins, widgets, analytics, I have also taught myself SEO, meta-data, canonicalisation, and all those cunning little tricks available to the webmaster (this word always amuses me, hence having to shoehorn it in here — ever since I first heard it, I’ve had this image of, well, Spider-man).

It was very large and proud of its nest.

I don’t have a picture of Spider-man handy, so this’ll have to do.

(Sometimes I tell myself one day I may have an assistant to do these things, or outsource, yet who am I really kidding? Even if I could afford it, I am far too much of a control freak.)