I believe the edges of things are far more interesting than their faces. Give me an edge and I’m interested, a corner? Even more so. It is in these intersections where the magic happens, where boundaries are weakened and one plane blurs into another.

I am talking of doorsteps, beaches, births, rivers, and caves. Of deaths, cliffs, borders, paths, and marriages. Crossroads, bridges, piers, dreams, towers, and tombs.

These are the makings of story.


Social Media and Cruelty

I suppose this is a good time to discuss Twitter and other social media.

I, like many others, followed the recent debacle regarding the announcement Jonathan Ross would be hosting the Hugo awards this summer. I watched as people took to Twitter to voice their opinions in increasingly unconstructive ways and then I stopped watching as it became crueller and crueller. I am not going to delve deeply into the matter here, or into the whole slew of issues the SFF world is slowly attempting to deal with; perhaps I will one day, but not now.