brushstrokesandshutterclicks said: Great
blog again. 🙂 I too was subjected to ridiculous return to work
meetings which filled me with dread and disempowered me beyond belief,
rendering me passive. Also, migraines and cluster headaches …. I too
suffer and identify. As regards the words Brexit and Outdoors – YES!!!
Much to nod at and think about here, Alex.

Thank you! It is interesting, how we seem to find “our people” online (you obviously being one of them!)  – what you say about dread and disempowerment, yes, that’s exactly it. Even the memory of that whole episode still feels unpleasant. If I had not been in the union, and had an amazing rep, I would probably have been fired – it happened to others. So much for caring for staff (although my managers themselves were lovely, and hated doing the meetings). This week I’ve really noticed how low I’m slipping, how tired, and I realised that so many people I know (especially on twitter, which is where I seem to hang around online these days) are feeling similarly. I wonder how much of a negative knock-on effect this has? I had best leave this here, before I start to write another essay! Thank you again, for your comment, and thank you for reading – sending much love your way. 

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