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The 12th Annual Smashwords Read an Ebook Week Sale.

Hello friends!

This is not your usual newsletter, nor is it the second newsletter of the month, instead, this is simply a bonus notice about some big discounts available to you.

As some of you may know, every year Smashwords, the ebook retailer and distributor, has a couple of sales. Starting today, the 7th of March, the Smashwords 12th Annual Read an Ebook Week offers you tens of thousands of exclusive discounts on books.

Even if you don’t get any of mine, it’s still worth checking out!

However, both Death & Taxes, and Une Seule Mort (the French translation of Only One Death) are heavily discounted. Only One Death is included in the sale too, as it is already free (as many of you know, having downloaded it!).

Death & Taxes is 50% off, here, but only until the 13th of March, when the sale ends.

Fea Little: the largest city still standing in the Interior, the City of Mazes, the Crossroads of the North — trade centre of a vast area. Where there is trade there is money, where there is money there are taxes and, where there are taxes, there are tax collectors.

Which is where Merie comes in. Nominally in charge of collecting tax for The Petals, for too many years her work has been undermined by others; any trust she once possessed went up in smoke, the night her husband burnt alive.

Pol is an effective member of her team and his niece, Little Pepper, is terrifying in her ability to kill. But Merie does not trust them; the pair may simply be better at hiding their secrets.

Merie has a plan. A plan she has worked on for years. It all comes down to one night, one final job, and then she will be free. If it goes well. If not, she shall leave her four children without a parent.

Merie knows that no plan is foolproof — especially when the night is full of those who want her murdered.

Une Seule Mort is even more heavily discounted, with 75% off the normal retail price, again only until the 13th of March.

Après avoir voyagé durant de nombreux mois, Dhinal espère approcher du terme de sa quête : découvrir comment sauver son peuple. En cours de route, il a réuni une bande de marginaux, chacun portant ses propres secrets. La dernière addition au groupe, Ficelle, fuit quelque chose, ses rêves sont hantés par les flammes et la terreur. Ensemble, ils arrivent dans la cité grouillante de Merest, à la recherche d’un guide pour les mener aux légendaires Monts Améthystes.

Kiis ne supporte plus la ville. Elle se languit de la solitude de la nature, loin du bruit et de la puanteur des autres.

Kiis et Dhinal savent tous deux que la nature ne se soucie pas de vous, elle existe simplement. Que vous viviez ou que vous mourriez ne tient qu’à vous, à vos compagnons et à la chance. L’hiver murmure dans les hautes terres, les dangers inconnus foisonnent dans les forêts et des fractures commencent à voir le jour au sein du groupe.

La vérité, Dhinal le sait, est qu’il y a de nombreuses façons de mourir, mais une seule mort. Pourtant ce périple va tous les tester, ils n’auraient jamais pu imaginer de quelle manière.

Only One Death is available here, and various other places too, and is FREE.

Also, it is worth a reminder — if you buy Death & Taxes, it includes a link to a free novella, A Clean Death.

Scroll to the bottom for the blurb for A Clean Death — which contains SPOILERS for Death & Taxes.

Only One Death (which many of you already possess), also has a link to a free tale, Dust & Death. Don’t forget to download this too!

Scroll to the bottom for the blurb for Dust and Death — contains SPOILERS for Only One Death, so don’t read unless you’ve already read that.

At this moment in time, Une Seule Mort does not have a free tale attached, but this will be changing very, very soon, with Mort et Poussière, the French translation of Dust & Death, being published imminently. (For those of you who already own or buy this book before the link is added, your downloaded copy will be updated later, for free.)

Finally, if you want to share this email with friends or family, please feel free to do so!

I shall return to your inbox soon, with some other offers and deals, musings and thoughts on recent events and life. Until then, take care and do please have a look at the Smashwords sale!

Keep scrolling for the blurbs for A Clean Death, and Dust and Death.

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A Clean Death

Pepper has one more name on her list, just one more death to tick off then she can go home, but this final murder will be anything but easy. She has three days until the city is cut off and she is trapped for winter, three days to find her prey. And finding one man in Youlmouth — where it is law to wear a mask in public — may prove too much, even for her skills.

Hedda has trained for this ever since she can remember, yet the question remains — does she have what it takes to snatch away a life? Does she have what it takes to make Pepper proud?

This death is not a simple task, but events have a habit of overcomplicating the already-complicated, and what Pepper and her apprentice shall discover is beyond anything they could possibly comprehend.

There are things the world does not know, things that live only in stories and whispers of rumour.

Things that want Pepper dead.

Dust and Death

After four years away, Dhinal is nearly home, carrying with him the means to save his people. He also brings Strings, who is hoping to find a home of her own. Together, they prepare to enter the hidden canyon city of Av.

Strings has had many months to prepare herself, but everything she thought she knew is going to be thrown into question — and what they discover in Av changes everything.

In a land of dust, there are some things best left buried, but Dhinal and Strings must venture deep below the desert, to his people’s biggest secret. What they discover makes the horror that forced Dhinal to leave his people pale into insignificance.

And some secrets strain the balance of the mind; fear is one thing, but what Strings shall learn goes far beyond fear — it shall test her bond to Dhinal and her very sanity itself.

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